Unearthed – ‘Up in Lights’

The night on the 13th October saw Eden Gardens Installation Art Exhibition Eden Unearthed launch for the first time.  The garden glowed in the twilight, as did one of the guests pictured above with Trevor Collect, who collaborated with Selina Springett and Alessandro Berini on their work Cacophony of the Fireflies.  One of the artists agents Tamryn Bennett commented, “it was so inclusive welcoming, celebratory, genuine and caring of the artists and those involved in the process.”

Kids frolicked and artists mingled with media and fellow artists as their works were revealed for the first time.  Artist and Architect Dr. Ainslie Murray, who designed The House for A Lost Tree added “it was one of the most delightful launches I’ve attended – change nothing!”

Simon Ainsworth, owner and director

Simon Ainsworth, MD explained “We are ‘bringing to light’ an inaugural exhibition of ‘art in the garden’ an exhibition designed for art to live, an exhibition designed to show the interplay between life and senescence.

I can say with confidence all the moons have lined up for this the inaugural year and we could see from the start the idea of installation art captured everyone’s imagination.

Eden’s beautiful garden has been growing and developing for just over 10 years, and Eden Unearthed is about responding to nature, temporal works, change and decay over time and reflecting the concept that gardens and life are transient, seasonal and spontaneous.”


The evening was officiated by Anna Ainsworth and Trevor Weekes gave a warm welcome, with the official opening was by Graham Forsyth, Associate Dean Art and Design, University of NSW.

Gardens are increasingly becoming places that are being (re)imagined as art galleries, as places where we can encounter art, not simply as an adjunct to the garden, but as transforming and transformed by the garden environment….

Part of what makes the ‘garden as a gallery’ so interesting follows from the fact that sculptural, 3-dimensional work is an art of the actual encounter.  The context, the way we sometimes literally ‘run-across’ objects and installations, is crucial to their meaning, to the way they speak to us.

And in the age of the ubiquitous screen, where everything can be seen anywhere…. the encounter with artworks by walking, by moving around and through the landscape, where there are surprises and chance conjunctions, where one view gives way to another, in an important part of why this work, in this environment, enchants and engages.artdesign-logo

Don’t forget to pop by and take your own picture in our Adam and Eve Unearthed Social Media Frames.  #edenunearthed #edengardens



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