National Recycling Week

This week is National Recycling Week.  Eden Gardens has always been about sustainable used of resources and recycling whenever possible.  A few of the initiatives here include:

  • Capturing, naturally filtering and recycling water for irrigation at North Ryde and Carseldine centres
  • Recycling of plastics, bottles and papers, including all cardboard packaging
  • Recycling used ink and toner cartridges though the Cartridge Program 4 Recovery (CP4R) which in turn donates money to Youth Off The Streets for each recycled cartridge
  • Utilising organic café waste in the demonstration Sustainability Garden compost bin at North Ryde centre
  • Composting or chipping and mulching green waste from Display Garden at North Ryde centre
  • Recycle your plastic pots at Eden Gardens

As part of our commitment to the environment, Eden Gardens offers a plastic pot recycling service free to the general public. We accept all plastics numbered 1-7, simply bring in your empty nursery pots ensuring they are free from debris, labels and excess dirt and place them in our pot recycling bin at the front of the store.

The pots are collected regularly by City of Ryde Council and recycled into other plastic products. You can also help yourself to the pots in the bin if you are in need of some for your own garden, by reusing them you will help save energy required to recycle, however the pots come as they are (unsterilised).

Eden Unearthed has featured a few artists highlighting waste and water recycling.  Marina DeBris with her work Beach Couture (see above and below left) which is made from collected rubbish from beaches and is on exhibit here till the end of November.  Jonathon Bolitho’s work You are Mostly of Water, (below middle) which draws attention to the reservoir and its water capture capabilities.

Metamorphosis, by Monica Rudhar (middle right) and Ecomania, by Catherine Whitting and Kate St James,  (far right) are both made entirely from recycled materials too.


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