Making Plans for 2017?

New Years can trigger a lot of resolutions, diets and plans even stocktaking.

Now we’re coming up to Chinese New Year, when the tradition of sweeping out the house and cleaning up is part of the routine of making sure you start the next year as well as you can.  Traditionally houses are cleaned and old ideas and bad thoughts are swept aside to make room for all the positive energy a New Year can herald.  This year is “Year of the Roster”.

Plants play an important part in Chinese New Year.  Anything with red or orange flowers, fruit or foliage is highly valued, being the “lucky colour”.  Cumquats are particularly auspicious as they have the ability to flower and fruit at the same time.  Other greenlife worth featuring are “Chinese Evergreens” or Aglaonema.,they are one of the toughest indoor plants available and are good Feng Shui. Lucky Bamboo (Dracena sanderana) or Lucky Plant, as it is also known, is grown for attracting joy, breaking hexes and encouraging good health.  Jade plants (Crassula ovata) at the right hand side of the front door brings wealth and prosperity…and failing that, the young leaves taste like Granny Smith apples and can be used in salads and they make hardy pot plants and are drought tolerant!

If you want some quiet time to contemplate, consider wandering down through the gardens ‘Unearthed’ Exhibition.  There is even a tea house for you to rest in, shown above, by Hugo Do.



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