Thrilled to announce the ‘Hidden Truth’

With less than three weeks to go before applications to ‘Eden Unearthed’ close, we are thrilled to announce that Leon Kluge will be exhibiting his work, titled ‘Hidden Truth’ as part of Eden Unearthed 2017.

Leon spends his time here, there and everywhere exhibiting in garden shows around the world, but is mostly based between South Africa and New Zealand, where he works with his partner Bayley Luutomes.

Leon Kluge has become synonymous with modern contemporary landscaping and garden design. His passion for horticulture and design takes him all over the world, and judging by his reputation in places like Japan, London, The Comores Island, Israel, Namibia and Mozambique, the sky truly is the limit. Below, Leon checks out his ‘blank canvas’.

Don’t miss out on your chance to join Leon at Unearthed.  Apply here.

Hidden truth.PNG





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