Stitched Up


Wednesday saw the announcement of our second artist for Eden Unearthed.  Alison Thompson will be creating a yarn bombing installation titled Sit. Breathe. Love. An immersive celebration of you.

Alison came to the Biggest Morning Tea, which raised over $1000 for the Cancer Council and was able to chat about her project.

This installation, situated in the Daffodil Garden, will be knitted, crocheted and created all around the bench and even up a tree down near the wall of reflection.  Alison hopes it is a “yarn hug” and invites people to participate or sit, be still and breathe in the environment, the colours, the textures, and give yourself time to re-group, get your thoughts clear and keep going.
There will also be a small cupboard next to the bench with items for people to use: pens, books, knitting needles, yarn.  “This is something that involves the community and creates conversation” hopes Alison.

If you would like to be part of a crochet or felting flowers workshop with Alison, please register your interest here.



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