Cacophony of the Fireflies, Selina Springett and Alessandro Berini


Cacophony of the Fireflies seeks to reproduce the feeling of being immersed in nature’s sounds and to unearth some of the sounds already present. It prompts the listener to tune in to sometimes overlooked presences, fostering a heightened awareness and closeness with the Earth and her inhabitants.

This project extends the natural songs of Eden Gardens and Lane Cove National park which slip by unnoticed, or are drowned out by the traffic hum. If you listen closely you may even hear the whale’s song.


Selina Springett (left) is currently undertaking a creative practice PhD at Macquarie University exploring community, history and the environmental ecology of the Cooks River through sound installations, while Alessandro Berini (middle) works as a professional artist, art installer and graphic designer. Their collaborations have won a number of awards and they are convinced that people can achieve a more fulfilling relationship with our natural world through active listening and engagement. Trevor Collict (right), an interactive electronic lighting designer who has had work featured in National Galleries and in VIVID Sydney, has collaborated in this project with the pair.


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