_mg_5443Dead trees are an important part of the ecosystem, providing habitat for birds and animals in hollows.  This old gum tree stump is surrounded by natives which encourages lorikeets and cockatoos to discover it.

The idea of creating an interiors nest using furniture ensemble within a nest is to reflect our own gathering instinct and how we create our own Eden. These items have all been painted in shades of “Lorikeet” to help emphasise their reinvented purpose and are filled with seed to create a new home for the local fauna.

Thanks to the team at Resene Paints Artarmon Trade Centre – for sponsorship of the Lorikeet Palette of paints.


Catherine Whitting and Kate St James have an eco interior design service called StJames Whitting that specialises in sustainable eco design. Catherine lectures interior design at TAFE and Kate is the editor in chief of Grand Designs Australia and several leading lifestyle magazines, and together they have over 40 years of design experience in residential, commercial, hospitality, health and aged-care interior design, building design and renovation and property styling throughout Australia.


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