Fly Away, Pamela Lee Brenner and Johannes Muljana

Johannes and Pamela.jpg This work, raises awareness about the amount of waste each of us generate, to making people aware of its environmental costs.  Although inspired by the natural world, we are also a major factor in the disappearance of many species within it.

The work is similar in appearance to a dandelion seed head, also known as a “fly away”. The “space” within it makes it appear to “float” whilst being invisibly tethered so that it does not blow away. Inspired by the wonderful forms in nature, these assembled discarded materials were re-purposed into an elegant form, slender, large and fragile. The florets at the end of the chrome painted bamboo spines glisten in the light and quiver at the slightest breeze. It becomes a visual analogy where the purpose of spreading seeds far and wide via the wind reflects the spread of the ideas of resource recovery and sustainability.BACKGROUND

Pamela Lee Brenner is a sculptor, multimedia artist and animator.  She has a background in architecture, design and art direction for TV and is now working with software based art performances, large scale outdoor sculptural installations and interactive animations and augmented reality.  Johannes Muljana has a background in visual art and software development; his work has spanned many different areas of multimedia including installations and software performances.


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