Jewels in the Sky, Trevor Weekes

Trevor Weekes has been involved at Eden Gardens for many years now and his works can be seen around the site, most notably on the café terrace where his fountain The Eden Tree (see below right) featuresTrevor has been hard at work lending his creativity to a new feature, which will be located at the grotto garden.  You can see it’s beginnings in the below centre.

We are also lucky enough to have an installation from Trevor for the upcoming Eden Unearthed festival, which will feature a flock of hummingbirds darting through the bamboo in and his amazing ‘Jewels in the Sky’, which celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of hummingbirds.  The silhouettes printed on fabric (see above) echo their movement and shape and the small sculptures reflect the colour iridescent birds that look like flying jewels.


Dr Trevor Weekes has a passion for creating that was evident right from his youth. Today, with over 45 solo exhibitions and representation at over 20 major galleries, including the Australian National Gallery, his work is prodigious.  He has over 20 private commissions including the newly created Adam and Eve Tree which is being unveiled in The Grotto Garden.


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