Kirli Saunders, A Posy of Poems

imageKirli Saunders is a proud Yuin woman and emerging children’s author, poet and teacher. She is looking forward to creating poems inspired by plants and place in connection with The Red Room Company’s ‘New Shoots’ project.

Example of her prior poetry is illustrated above, and we can’t wait to hear how she will respond to Eden.  Take a moment to sit in the space here and listen yourselves, surrounded by the stunning views into the Lane Cove National Park.

The green theatre here at Eden Gardens is a place of meeting, ceremony and celebration. Often used for weddings, it is reminiscent of an amphitheatre from Ancient Times and a fitting place to be able to listen to poetry from our resident Aboriginal poet.BACKGROUND

Raised in the Southern Highlands, Kirli now resides between the mountains and ocean in Wollongong. A motorcycle enthusiast and adventurer who has a deep connection to the land and sea, Kirli’s first children’s picture book ‘The Incredible Freedom Machines’, illustrated by Matt Ottley is to be released in 2017.


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