Mother Nature’s Web and Womb, by Yarrah Manton

This garden has a creek running through it and a circular stroll path with various bridges and decks providing platforms for art and viewing.  Rich in planting, there are many reeds, ferns, water iris, spring flowering shrubs and deciduous trees, all growing into each other and forming their own habitat for frogs, lizards and insects, as well as cleaning the water supply and providing water to visiting birds.

The intricate nature of ecosystems, with all its interwoven dependencies and contingencies, is distilled in the image of a spiders web, which although made only from fine threads, is strong, flexible and sometimes complex and web-like.  Yarrah Mantan’s vision for this site is to create a large web filled with unexpected creatures like Kewpie dolls, and garden objects that create a thought provoking reaction to our treatment of the environment and materalistic treatment of creation.



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