My Many Faces, Danielle Manett

_mg_5650“Masks reveal what they would conceal. By donning some masks and not others, we reveal what we would most conceal”, says Danielle.  “Each of ‘My Many Faces’ is uniquely different, symbolising the need for different masks and faces throughout my life. Indeed, the nature of the material signifies that even when I feel I am finished with my mask, it will be there waiting, should I ever need it again.”


Danielle Manett is a fine art photographer and sculpture, working equally in both mediums and often combining the both. Conceptually she is interested in delving into the hidden aspects of the self.

“There is much to be discovered within and stories to be revealed. I am interested in the concept of identity and who we are to ourselves and to each other. I am interested in memory and how we alter our memories over time. I am also very interested in materiality and creation of works which have a physical place in this ever increasing digital world.”


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