Narcissi, by Sophie Clague

Eden Gardens actively supports The Cancer Council NSW and with them created the Daffodil Garden as a place of thanks, remembrance and hope for those who have been touched by cancer. This beautiful garden hosts a Wall of Memory and a Wall of Recognition with plaques dedicated to some of Cancer Council’s key donors.  It is filled with bulbs that flower each daffodil day. Click here to listen about this event annual event.


The title refers to the legend of Narcissus, a beautiful youth who was so infatuated with his own reflection that he was eventually turned into a flower (daffodils and jonquils) that was forever stuck at the water’s edge.

The Narcissi sculptures similarly seem to have been frozen moments before the viewer sees them. Perhaps they have been frozen mid-transformation, accounting for their strange semi-organic forms which create a mystical and spiritual air around the site.

Images by Sophie Clague and Gary Grealy.


Sophie Clague’s artwork is based in sculpture, although she also creates large scale site-specific paintings and other wall-based work. Key interests are ideas of corruption and loss, pertaining to the digital, material and spatial dimensions. The ever-changing state of materiality is employed by Clague as a cue for the creation of new artwork. Although influenced by Minimalism and the industrial processes associated with Modernist sculpture, Clague’s artwork retains a sense of mystery and symbolism, situating the artwork in the grey area between abstraction and figuration.

Sophie has exhibited in Sculpture By The Sea (Bondi) in 2016 and through this was awarded a Clitheroe Foundation Emerging Artist Fellowship.  Currently an MFA candidate at SCA (USYD), she received her BFA (Hons) at COFA in 2012.  She has held six solo exhibitions throughout Sydney since 2012 and shown in group shows at galleries including MOP Projects (2013) Firstdraft (2013) Delmar Gallery (2013) Archive_Space (2014), and the Sydney College of the Arts Gallery (2016).  In 2014 she received an Artstart grant which enabled her to set up a professional sculpture studio, and was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award in 2015.



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