Pure Fake, by Anna May Kirk


‘Pure’ explored the idea of what is real and what is artificial and how that is sold to consumers.  The use of atomisers in this work tricks us into smelling “scents of the forest” and so on and believing that they are somehow “natural”.

Anna May Kirk (b. 1996) is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist, curator and writer based in Sydney, Australia. Kirk’s practice approaches sculpture, performance and installation as a tool for speculating the nuances of our current moment in time. Presented in a range of experimental and gallery contexts, Anna self-referentially distorts the relationship between artist, audience and artwork across her practices.


Currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at The University of New South Wales Art and Design (COFA), Kirk additionally holds roles at ALASKA Projects, FBi Radio and UNSW Art & Design. Curatorial Projects undertaken by Kirk include: after pARTY at Freda’s (monthly), ART / WORK at Kudos Gallery, and In Motion Festival 2016 at AirSpace Projects. Anna May Kirk has exhibited in a series of group exhibitions throughout Sydney, both in gallery and alternate spaces and presented her first solo show ‘Optical Avatar’ at AirSpace Projects in 2015.


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