The Bachelor Pad, by Mat Robertson

image-3“My installation is strongly influenced by the theory of entropy and the Japanese world view of ‘Wabi-sabi'”, says designer Mathew Roberston. “I’m inspired by the beauty of change and imperfection and have a deep fascination of nature’s constant, often humorous and always beautiful reclamation of the urban environment and man’s vain attempt to prevent it: Nature will always find a way and man will always deny it.”

This oversized satin bower-bird nest is intended to be a take on a young Australian males’ bachelor pad.  Filled with mass produced, cheap homewares and objects found on the side of the road; the bower demonstrates society’s current trend of seasonal homewares and our throw away culture.  A satin bower birds bower was once filled with blue berries, feathers and shells to attract a mate but in modern times blue rubbish has started to take over as the birds decorating choice.  Australian native animals are adapting to their new human neighbours and convexly our homes are becoming filled more and more with rubbishy disposable items.


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