Refugee, by Atanas Djonov

Atanas Refugee Image
Artists impression of Refugee in the Reservoir

Pine trees have been long associated with wisdom, longevity and power. The themes explored in Refuge include Diaspora, world refugee crisis and the potential power of inner determination. Held at the heart of the garden reservoir the tree becomes a sailing mast of one’s refuge.

A small pine tree is planted in the middle of a small red plastic boat that is afloat free. Atanas explains, ‘In the early 2000’s I rescued a little pine tree offspring that through the years has been slowly growing in a mobile condition.’

On World Refugee Day, Eden Unearthd is pleased to announce that we will be featuring this work in the upcoming exhibition.

Dr Atanas Djonov is an artist and a PhD graduate who over several years of independent and collaborative art and curatorial practice, diverse teaching experience and research has developed and demonstrated strong interest, knowledge and ability to engage critically in art and curatorial practice, academic teaching and research in the areas of new media and video art, sound design, animation, installation and electronic art, analogue and digital photography and multi-modal communication.


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