‘Moss Balls’, by Emma Mattson

Moss Balls Emma Mattson

Congratulations Emma for your unique textile Kokedama ball-like entry.

When one thinks of the word “Eden” they usually think of a pristine, perfect garden, luscious with thriving plants and animals. Eden is an ecosystem unharmed by an outside source. In the biblical tale, Adam and Eve are given one rule, which is not to eat the apples from a specific tree. As we know, their selfishness and curiosity get the best of them and they break that rule. The story of Eden’s garden is relevant to today’s current environmental state. The Earth began as a pristine “Eden,” and was taken advantage of by humans over and over to the point where we now face the severe issue of climate change.

The concepts that Mattson focuses on show the human reliance on nature and the negative impacts of human consumption of nature. Mattson explains,

‘People enjoy the aesthetics and benefits that nature gives us, but not seemingly enough to make sacrifices to keep it alive. Humans create barriers between themselves and the reality of the world’s environmental troubles, wanting to keep their own idealistic views in order to avoid addressing an issue. The way that humans create things, such as fake plants, so that nature can still be aesthetically pleasing without needing to be cared for, is telling of the efforts humans make. The way that I create natural elements synthetically in this installation can be compared to the way that humans go about dealing with this problem.’

The installation at Eden Unearthed will be a hanging sphere, created by smaller spheres. They will be balls of replicated moss created using thread and yarn.

Emma Mattson

Emma Mattson was commissioned to create a 10 ft. by 6 ft. fabric wall hanging made out of preserved moss for the Singapore Gardens.  It’s made to be viewed from above, including topographic map qualities.



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