Garden Impressions, by Rebecca Baird and Sheila Myers

In mid July, one bright sunny winter’s day, Eden Gardens held a very special art workshop with Royal Rehab.  Residents and staff from Eden Gardens came together to create a beautiful mosaic, which will feature at the entrance to the display gardens accessibility walkway as part of Eden Unearthed 2017.

A cornucopia of delights was created out of clay, inspired by both the gardens at Eden and also the beautiful and productive kitchen gardens at Royal Rehab, where this work will reside after the exhibition at Eden Gardens, which lasts for 6 months.

The Roundel Mosaic is inspired by the capabilities of the group from Royal Rehab who collaborated in the work shop at Eden Gardens. Using simple cut out shapes on rolled out clay, the shapes came from pre-cut stencils made from line drawings of vegetables fruits leaves and other plant forms and fauna found in the garden. The clay shapes were painted on sight with coloured underglazes. Sprigs made from insects and flowers from the garden to create relief impressions brought an added layer of texture and tone to the design.  This work is made with fired earthen ware clay, underglazes, gloss glaze, grout and form ply.

Rebecca Baird and Sheila Myers share a passion for ceramics and Printmaking. “This project has aloud us to combine our enthusiasm, interests and our creative process with the broader community. Thank you Eden Unearthed”, says Baird, hard at work on the finishing touches of the work.



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