Another Chance, by Kerrie Argent

Argent’s work and ideas are influenced by the materials around her and environmental issues that affect the natural world. She utilised materials that have outgrown their usefulness and have become trash, that is no longer precious and destined for landfill. “I endeavour to breath new life and purpose, repurposing, recycling and regenerating the materials so they become useful, beautiful and precious again.” says Argent.  “This work repurposes plastic bottles into floating waterlilies. Unearthing the empty plastic bottle, preventing it from being buried in the earth and bringing it to the surface as something completely new.


The cows. I was invited by the city of Perth to paint decorate a cow for their cow parade /installation in November I was one of 38 artist and one of only two artists with two cows  which I took out  after painting them to the community of Perth where we added to them with community involvement.

It was fun. So those were my two beautiful girls.


I was bought into this world in Kalgoorlie WA and grew up there until I was 18. We lived on the eastern edge of the town, going west was town and going east was the big wide world of millions of acres red dirt, bush, gum trees, space, slime dumps, mine shafts and the town tip; all my favourite parts of Kalgoorlie. I went to primary school at the smallest school in Kalgoorlie, then onto the only government high school in town. Always drawing, painting and making things and pulling stuff to bits. I was totally encourage by my mum to have a go at any thing. Except becoming an artist after I finished high school. I studied art all through high school and TEE, but mum said I needed to get a real job and earn a wage and no I couldn’t be a mechanic because when you l go out to tea your hands and nails would be a mess…you should see them now!

So off I went to Perth to train as a registered nurse, earn a good wage and I am still a clinical nurse which funds my Art practice, as I’m not good at selling my work. While I was training I was still creating and making all my own clothes, usually stitching the buttons on or hem up 10 minutes before I was going out on a date.

After training and working then trying to go on a working holiday around Australia, we got as far as Darwin where my son was born, and we came home to Kalgoorlie, got married and shifted to Lake Grace for my honeymoon, never to shift again.

I continued to do as many workshops in the creative fields as often as I could, no YouTube or internet back then, so getting to workshops was an expensive event, but I continued to create, make clothes, create gardens, make huge chocolate wedding cakes, and work full time at the local hospital and make a beautiful daughter. So now I am an artist, nurse, mother, granny, farmer, wife, community volunteer, gallery owner, and any other job that goes with living, thriving and being part of a small community of 600 people In 1998 they offered a drawing class in Lake Grace how could I say no…so since then I haven’t stopped. From the drawing class, Curtin University offered us a pilot programme of Art and Design for three years, which gave me a portfolio to get into the degree course, at Curtin University of Technology, again another experimental mix mode course….it was a fabulous way for me to study as it allowed me to stay at home, developed my own studio and studio practice, and prioritise my art practice. We still did lots of traveling to all the regional campuses met lots of students and tutors, all who are still good friends.



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