STEAM, by Killara High School

At the end of July a class of year 11 senior art students from Killara High were lucky enough to come to Eden Gardens, Macquarie Park for an installation art workshop. Working with Eden Unearthed curator Meredith Kirton, and artists Jane Gillings, Safari Lee, Alison Thompson, Leanne Thompson and Atanas Djonov, the group created two works of their own and also collaborated with these artists on their works.

“Huge thank you to you and the amazing artists that gave up their time for us on Friday it was a fun-filled worthwhile experience.”, said School Visual Arts Teacher Paula Sherras. “I have been bragging about it to the other staff all morning. we have been internet stalking the artists in class this afternoon.”

This work, which is a collaboration with Jane Gillings, is a vertical installation made with woven elastic titled STEAM.  The work references the push for STEM (science, technology, Engineering and mathematics) in schools and the students concern that Art doesn’t get left out of the education equation.



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