Clockwork Frog, by Tallulah Cunningham

Tullulah frog1Ladies and Gentlemen :  Do ambient toxins from soil and water pollution in your local environment prevent you from ever having the opportunity to cultivate amphibious  elements in your garden? Do you dream of the chirrup of  little native toadlets but know that the local cats would  eradicate them before they could ever puff out their  throats? Does a tendency to myopia mean you wouldn’t be  able to find a frog even if they were present?

 Worry no more! 

With our patent DIY Clockwork Croaker kit you can have your own weatherproof, pest proof,  only semi-biodegradable, easy-to-spot frog presence in your  park or on your patio with no need to put any effort into  maintaining a healthy environment for it!

Looking after our environments, like creating these sculptures, takes ongoing effort, practice,  research and resources. Short-term, short-sighted, cheap and  “quick-fixes” are constantly proffered  but are the  results worth the purported savings? A bit of research to  inform your choices – such as what plant species could  easily become an invasive weed, what garden layouts and  plants will encourage native animal presence, what the pest  sprays can do in addition to killing unwanted insects –  will always be worth the investment of time and care – for  yourself and future generations.

Her sculpture for this exhibition is an evolution of the smaller paper  sculptures she has previously created, adapting the concepts  to heavier, more durable recycled material suitable for  all-weather situations.

Tallulah Cunningham.PNG

Tallulah Cunningham  grew up in Central Australia and, briefly, rural Zimbabwe.  Her earliest memories involve using art materials,  unsurprising given her grandfather was an illustrator for  the SA Museum & Education Department and her mother had studied creative design.

The first time Tallulah travelled solo  overseas she was given a handmade sketchbook by her brother  and commanded to keep drawing while she was away. This has  lead to over fifteen years of travel journal recording  sketches from museums, art galleries, zoos, built and  natural environments across three different continents and  numerous islands. A particular boon where photography was  banned or impractical. This experience with observational  drawing was further polished through her under and  postgraduate studies in the University of Newcastle’s  Natural History Illustration degree.

Tallulah’s enthusiasm for creating visual work is matched by her fascination with the natural  world and a desire to inspire an appreciation of its  complexities and interconnections with others.

Her practice is broad spectrum and explorative, wide ranging in genre that  include scientific botanical watercolours, digital fantasy  illustrations, graphic novel short stories, paper-cut  compositions and occasional three dimensional sculptures. She most primarily works in watercolour, graphite and ink,  preferring this medium for it’s portability.


tallulah pic

Tallulah shares a creative studio under the auspices of Renew Newcastle, is the instigator of KimoNovember; an annual wear-kimono  all-month challenge.

She practices Archery with the SCA  (Society for Creative Anachronism), is an assistant  instructor for junior Taekwondo classes and rides a 250cc  Kawasaki.

She is eclectic.


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