ENR_CH, by Emma Anna



EN_RICH is the most recent of my ongoing series Wordplay, a collection of works that use the popular game Scrabble as a form of visual poetry. This new word is unique to Eden Gardens and evokes not merely the motto of its locale but also the very power of nature and specifically, gardening, as a means by which to enrich our everyday lives.’

“I am most interested in presenting work that discusses the role that the individual person (usually represented as a piece or missing piece) has to play in a community, or collective (typically represented through a cluster of common forms).”

Emma Anna croppedI have worked as an full-time professional artist specialising in creating works for the public realm for the past decade. I graduated with an MA (Art in Public Space) from RMIT University in late 2009 and have since exhibited my work across Australia, and internationally. To date my practice has focused on creating both ephemeral and permanent sculptural works and installations, with a focus on working within community settings and for local government authorities. Examples of my work can be viewed at http://ana-gram.wixsite.com/insitu.

My career trajectory to date has enabled me to expand my practice beyond Australia and I currently live and work between the Australian East Coast and the Colombian Caribbean. In Barranquilla, Colombia I am the co-founder and co-Director of the La Casa Verde (The Green House) an artist-run initiative that aims to plants seeds of inspiration in the minds of the local creative community. At La Casa Verde I work closely with local organisations and individuals to develop exhibitions, special events, conferences and other activities that celebrate and evolve the emerging artistic culture in the rapidly developing economy of Colombia. I will continue to live and work between these two places well into the future. This is a reflection of my work as an artist specialising in public art, universal themes and concerns that lie beyond the parameters of cultural, geographical and language limitations.


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