Beautiful Blooms, by Jenny Fusca

Jenny Fusca focuses on the joyful world of blooms. Her large scale works are bold and immersive and yet sensitive – capturing the poetic moment when nature is revealed in its glory. Beginning each composition with the intention of revealing something unseen or unnoticed, Jenny aims to create a unique floral ‘portrait’. Working with the lively medium of acrylics, sealed with oil glazes, the results are breathtakingly exquisite canvases that are both timeless and elegant. Jenny is a relentless observer – always looking for new blooms. In 2016, this quest took her to New York’s Botanic Garden to photograph the hundreds of rare and vintage roses in their collection. “In a world obsessed with augmented beauty; nature provides an authentic touchstone for serenity and understanding” Jenny explains. “I hope that the joy I feel examining each fold in a petal translates as happiness for the person viewing my work”.


Paintings on exhibit and for sale at Dragonfly Café, Eden Gardens 

Title:                                                                     Price:

Embrace I                                                            $1,950

Embrace II                                                           $1,950

Flirt                                                                        $1,950

Grace                                                                    $2,500

Blush                                                                     $1,950

Jenny Fusca - head shotJenny lives and works from her studio in Sydney. She has exhibited works in a solo exhibition at Moulton Gallery, Mosman and has a selection of works available both at this gallery and at Tusk Gallery, Melbourne.She has exhibited in group exhibitions several times at Gosford Regional Gallery, Lindfield Art Show & the Hunters Hill Art Show.


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