Chthulucene, by Monique Bedwell

Mon Bedwell with work2.jpgChthulucene is a body work which consist of multiple ceramic sculptures of trash such as tuna cans, plastic bottles, glass and food containers. This work talks about issues of consumption and consumerism and the impact its having on the environment. Rubbish is becoming more and more apart of our landscape and our everyday, there are not many places you can move through without seeing some sort of rubbish or trash on the ground. People are overlooking this as a rising issue within our society.

Sculptures of trash in the gardens highlights these issues in a way that makes people have to engage with the work,  giving trash a voice to speak about the issues of littering. When people come to nurseries or gardens such as Eden Gardens, trash is not what they expect to see within the beautiful array of flora.

Mon Bedwell
Mon Bedwell

Monique Bedwell is a Sydney based interdisciplinary artist completing BFA (Hons) at UNSW ,2017 and exploring self-discovery through her arts practice. Her mediums vary in her quest to capture different components of her life. Drawing, 2D animation, sculpture, painting and interactive installation are considered equally significant to Bedwell’s practice. World travels and everyday interactions are primary influences for Bedwell particularly how unique interactions enable her capacity to learn—developing a deeper understanding of self and representing this in her works is considered a perk. The result is a developing body of work that communicates the journey toward establishing herself as an individual and an artist.


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