Koi, by Veronika Richterova

Veronika Richterová is heavily influenced by Japanese imagery.  Her work, titled Kói brings to light visions of colourful carp swimming in the wood, or in this case, the black stems of bamboo.

These works are created using plastic brought back from Japan during the season of Hanamoi – the celebration of cherry blossom. Here, everybody admires the cherry trees in parks and it is connected with many huge picnics – the news even reports on the best blossom viewing opportunities.

Richterová is fascinated by the amount of plastic food packaging and also by the plastics canvases serving for sitting.  She decided to create some huge flying carps using this garbage, founded in recycling bins in the park, because she is fascinated by its colors and quality. It is also about its ephemeral nature – people use it one time and throw it away like the waste. “Japan is really a strange country  with it’s culture of packaging of everything“, notes Richterová.

V. Richterová-japonští kapři
Koi, by Veronika Richterova.  Image by Michal Cihlář

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