The Other Side, by Alexis Wildman


Alexis Wildman found Lewis Carroll and his book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland very influential to her piece, engaging with nonsense that makes sense. Much like the rabbit hole, the audience become Alice; discovering the door, realising it doesn’t open ordinarily and then pushing through the boundary to get to the other side.

We are constantly being exposed to new pathways and options in life, and when we choose a route I believe it decides the next step of our fate.“, explains Wildman, “Going through this door is metaphoric for this process and my realisation of constant decision making has become very stressful. I hope to explore the disconcerting nature of this emotion through the unconventional door. Providing the outlet to escape one thought, while simultaneously allowing a new perspective to emerge through change in scenery.

Wildman has also taken the opportunity to plant her vision of an Alice in Wonderland garden for her work to connect with.


As an emerging student artist, I make my art to provide further perspective into personal experiences and emotions within myself. The art I find engaging usually puts me into another person’s or that artist’s shoes for a small space in time and I enjoy this reflective experience. I aim to develop and expand my skills in sculpture and how it can be more than just an object of view, with the intention of achieving a balance between audience interaction and appreciation as an object in situ. Lots of my previous work has been about self-reflective anxieties and fears, this work explores this to an extent, very much dealing with transferring energies from one space to another; encountering a medium that re-evaluates your perspective and broadens thought process.

IMG_2769 LexieI’m 20 years old, and originally I’m from Rhode Island in the United States, just south of Boston. So I was born there, but have moved back and forth a fair bit. But I’ve lived in Australia for the past 10 years. I think I first really became interested in art when I went to Yoko Ono’s, War is Over exhibition at the MCA back a couple years now. She’s just so empowering and simplistic, both in her personality and in her artworks. I think I take a lot of inspiration from her and what she stands for. And when I enrolled at UNSW Art & Design, I just took off, I absolutely love it, I feel so immersed and full of ideas and creativity when I’m there, it’s like entering another world. Everyone I’ve met is so lovely and helpful. I’m very grateful to be studying there.



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