Floating Life, by Jayanto Tan

I created “floating life” contribution for Eden Unearthed. This work is a reminder of the good times and bad times that were shared together in life. I transcend them with love – the love of delicious cakes and the love of sharing them with “friends” and acquaintances. This work is a sentiment of mixing spirituality and sharing, and as we well know, things are simply better when they are shared. This brings to mind a sentiment uttered by Yoko Ono – “We are all rivers flowing into the ocean, washed together”.

In response to the theme of Eden Unearthed I offer a diversity of ceramic party foods. Elegant with an artfully authority they are presented as a possible ritual. This playful installation is an insistent presentation of a cornucopia that is easily appreciated by everyone and anyone. In part it observes the single uniting spirit – that things are better when they are shared. As part of the Chinese diaspora, a Chinese-Indonesian who adopted an Australian point of view as a migrant I blend eastern and western myths. By cross-referencing our stereotypical understanding of displaced persons with an autobiographic experience the reality of contemporary events is interrogated. Themes of racism, poverty, corruption and social injustice are considered within the festive culture of cooking to present a personal expression of identity and pride as a celebration of liberal freedom in the Australian society.

Jayanto Profile PicI always wanted to be an artist, when I was a kid. But born and raised in a village in Sumatra, Indonesia, it was not much opportunity. I was fortunate enough to be able “arrived” in Australia. After many years of hard work making Sydney a new home, I had a Diploma of fine arts from Sydney Gallery School TAFE and currently I am completing a Bachelor of fine arts majoring in ceramic at the National Art School. I feel good when I can make art. Hopefully my art can draw attention to the plight of the many minority ethnic groups in Asia, like the Chinese – Indonesians, who indeed today are still suffering discrimination.

Photo by Regens Wagner



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