504 Pinwheels, by Linda Sok

IMG_9180504 Pinwheels will respond to the shifting winds moving throughout Eden Gardens. As well as responding to the changing environment around it, the artwork is also interactive, with visitors welcome to create their own wind when there is none present.

It is a reminder of renewable energy and the importance of the environment, just as Eden Gardens prides itself on using renewable energies water harvesting and recycling. 504 Pinwheels makes reference to large wind turbines and how they are both aesthetically pleasing and play a crucial part of sustainable living.

The pinwheels are coloured yellow, resembling a flower – particularly the daffodils to preface the Cancer Council’s daffodils in the Daffodil Garden, leading visitors through the pinwheel forest and opening out into the garden.

Pinwheels by Linda SokLinda Sok is an Australian-Cambodian artist whose practice predominantly focuses on the materiality of objects and their potentials in relation to her culture. Cultural objects and text are an important yet exploratory part of her practice, particularly because the Khmer language and culture she was brought up with as a child remains perplexing to her.

Exploring notions of diaspora, dislocation and lineage, her works also investigate her parent’s experience in the Khmer Rouge, and the genealogical effects that it has had on her.

Her Bachelor of Science, with dual majors in Psychology and History & Philosophy of Science informs her work. She is currently studying Fine Arts (Honours) at the University of New South Wales, Art & Design with a major in Sculpture, Performance and Installation.



IMG_20170804_132246Linda has exhibited in a variety of institutions such as Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in the exhibition What’s the Meme-ing of this?! and exhibitions such as Second to None, Spirit, and Refugeez. She has also co-curated a variety of events including the BEAMS Arts Festival. Linda is currently working at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Australia).


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