Organic Chemistry, Marta Ferracin

Watch video of Organic Chemistry, taken by Corey Rankin

Organic Chemistry uses luminescent and mobile sculptures to create an enchanting and immersive habitat along the creek in the beautiful display gardens.  The work is made from laboratory and everyday materials reminiscent of chemistry compounds and organic critters, and is both grounded and suspended in trees overhang the water, creating an animated ecosystem that slowly glows in the dark.

This work aims to create a sense of wonder and awareness for the environment by highlighting the bioluminescence that occurs among the fireflies, glow worms and fungi that live in the Australian habitat.  The individual elements are possibly a newly evolved biological species, that have become a wondrous and ephemeral ecosystem.


Marta Ferracin work as a contemporary artist across video, installation, sound and soft sculptures, is predicated upon the influences of diverse cultural and physical environments. She creates artworks at the intersection of art and science, incorporating multisensory sculptural strategies, video, photography and contexts of encounter representative of her ongoing engagements with everyday materials, organic matter, digital media technologies and fields of perception.

Ferracin is an Italian born artist, living and working in Sydney. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from the National Art School in 2015 and with Master of Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney in 2018.

Her video and immersive multimedia installations have been shown in various solo and group exhibitions in Sydney and Europe. Each of these works have been questioning what it means to be sentient being in a contemporary world and aiming towards an environmental and cultural awareness.



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