What lies beneath…, by Nicole De Mestre

Garden lime, essential to remedy acidic soil, is made from pulverized limestone or chalk. Limestone is formed from the calcified skeletons of countless tiny single-celled algae, deposited on ancient seabeds millions of years ago. The microscopic remains of these organisms bear an uncanny resemblance to discarded fan guards seen in almost every roadside pickup pile.

The ubiquitous cooling fan could be construed as an ironic take on global warming. We use fans to maintain pleasant short-term temperatures in our immediate surroundings, while at the same time we are contributing to higher long-term global temperatures through depletion of our planet’s resources.

Shamefully, all these mass-produced, inexpensive, throwaway fans are destined for landfill, adding to the ever-increasing layers that lie beneath us.

Recycled fan guards, cable ties POA

15 spheres x 100cm diameter each available to order for $65 each



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